Accounting services in Estonia

* Get general idea of business activity and taxation in Estonia;
* Set up the company, contact person and legal address in Estonia;
* Order a thoroughly created annual report;
* Agree on the accounting support and entrust docs to the professional;
* To get external and internal before audit support;
* To get help in the liquidation of a company;
* Analysis of current indicators


When starting a new project, it often seems that everything can be done without any outsource accountant. However, accounting and taxation is not something that can be dealt with overnight, and nobody wants to pay fines for mistakes in their bookkeeping and tax computations. In addition, each area has its own peculiarities, and, for example, the tax nuances of digital trade differ from the usual one. Not to mention the fact that the legislation in the field of accounting or taxation has been changing in Estonia every year over the past decade and these changes need to be closely monitored.
That is why more than decade now entrepreneurs have delegated to us the responsibility for the accounting of their companies with all its complexities and subtleties, and, thus, they invest their time only in what brings profit. I call this effective planning.

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LHV Pank – Estonian bank, which we trust our finances

WISE and REVOLUTFinTechs, which we trust our finances